The Ending Of This Division II Basketball Game Is Every Coach’s Worst Nightmare

  • Jake O'Donnell

Here’s something you don’t see on the national sports page very often: “Long Island University Post women’s basketball team.” They’re a Division II varietal of the Long Island University campus system, who found themselves down by one with 1.1 seconds left in regulation, without the ball.

Anyone who’s ever played basketball knows the futility of the plan for “a steal and quick score.” Hell, we can’t imagine the weren’t planning to foul as soon as possible. But the unthinkable happened: Senior guard Alexis Peters jumped the in-bounds, took one dribble, and floated the ball at the basket with literally one-tenth of a second left on the clock.

In retrospect, Assumption’s coach probably wishes she’d told the in-bounder to chuck the ball to the other end of the court as high as possible.

Three-seed LIU Post will now advance to the Division II East Region Semifinal.

H/T Bob’s Blitz