The Fab Five Weren’t In Love With Christian Laettner

  • Glenn Davis

ESPN is currently airing its documentary on Michigan’s Fab Five. It’s an interesting story, and the college recruitniks among us (who might not have been old enough to appreciate it at the time) can marvel at just how hyped this class of players was – not to mention how much they flouted the conventions of the day.

And perhaps no program more embodied the “conventions of the day” than Duke. As such, it won’t shock you to learn the members of the Fab Five didn’t think especially highly of the Dukies…or their biggest star at the time, Christian Laettner. In fact, when the Michigan players got around to describing Laettner, a couple unflattering words in particular came up.

Granted, it was more based on a preconceived notion of Laettner than the guy himself, but in a way, it’s poetic…one highly divisive team talking smack about another. Video, via ESPN, below.