The Real Reason Iowa State And Michigan Made The Sweet 16: Creative Whiteboard Messages

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Ask any basketball fan or analyst how Iowa State and Michigan made the 2014 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 and you’ll likely get answers like “efficient offense,” “DeAndre Kane,” “John Beilein” or perhaps “one game was against Wofford.” But those people would be wrong. This is how the Cyclones beat UNC.

(The message on the white board on the left: “Winning is fun.” Not to mention: NBA uniform requirements!)

Other teams probably didn’t know this and lost on purpose. (Not mentioned: Winning is also fun-damental!)

You might recognize similar strategy from Beilein and Mitch McGary.

Mitch McGary win the game

As unsuccessful gamblers would say: One’s an aberration, two’s a sufficient sample size. This is how you win at basketball.