The Top 10 Taylor University ‘Silent Night Game’ Costumes

The Top 10 Taylor University ‘Silent Night Game’ Costumes
  • Rick Chandler

Taylor University may play Division III basketball, but the Liberal Arts Christian college in Indiana boasts possibly the greatest holiday tradition in college sports. For the uninitiated, Taylor’s Silent Night Game is about as fun as it gets.

They celebrated the 20th Silent Night Game this past Friday and it goes like this: Taylor students dress in costumes, many of which put Halloween to shame. Then they pack the gym for the game. The entire place remains silent until Taylor scores its 10th point — then they erupt, rushing the court.

Friday’s highlight: a guy dressed as Papa Smurf takes a knee and proposes to a gal dressed as a green plastic Army soldier. And the campus radio station even provided play by play.

“And she said yes!”

Once again, as is our tradition, we ranked the 10 best costumes.