This Duke Fan Is The Reason You Can’t Stand Duke

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

The No. 3 Duke Blue Devils defeated Virginia Tech Tuesday night, 85-57. Fans at Cameron Indoor were treated to a pretty competitive game in the first half, but as you can tell, it got out of hand quickly for the Hokies. But while things were close, this particular fan wasn’t having any of it. You only live once, and this fan needs Duke to squeeze in as many victories as they can.

Some people wonder why every fanbase feels the need to rush the court when their team beats Duke. Even when the Blue Devils aren’t the toast of the NCAA, students from across the land, Duke rivals or not, feel the need to mob the court and express their unbridled joy.

It’s just that Duke makes it so easy. The pink “YOLO” hat. The indoor sunglasses. The bowtie. The complete absence of self-awareness. Come on Duke. Be better than that.

[via Reddit]