This Year The ‘Silent Night Game’ Had A Loud Social Message

  • Rick Chandler

Taylor University had its annual ‘Silent Night Game’ on Friday, in which students at the Christian school in Indiana pack the gym and remain silent until their team scores its 10th point, then go bonkers and rush the court. It is as you know pretty much the highlight of our early college basketball season, and the highlights are below. (Including one of our favorite all-time Silent Night Game things: a clown fish swimming among pink sea anemones to distract opposing free throw shooters).


But this year there was an unexpected element: a group of fans unfurled a sign that read “Black Lives Matter”, in solidarity with the protesters of the Ferguson decision and the Eric Garner case.


Good on Taylor University for recognizing that with a burgeoning platform (ESPN has broadcast the highlights for the past several seasons) comes increasing social responsibility.

So some of our favorite costumes spotted below:

* Burger King.

* Multiple Jesuses (Jesi?).

* Old lady with walker.

* Large frog.