Tom Crean Yelled In A Michigan Assistant’s Face After Winning The Big Ten Title Because He Wants Us To Hate Him

  • Matt Rudnitsky

The Indiana Hoosiers are outright Big Ten champions, thanks to Michigan sticking its fingers down its throat and projectile-vomiting the title to the Hoosiers in the final few minutes of last night’s game. I, like most Wolverines fans, missed the drama after the game, though, too busy sagging back in the bleachers, head buried in my chest in disconsolate bewilderment.

During the postgame handshake, Indiana coach Tom Crean got in Michigan assistant Jeff Meyer’s face and yelled, “You know what you did! You helped wreck the program!”

Meyer was an assistant at Indiana under the Kelvin Sampson regime that set Indiana basketball back a few years with an embarrassing recruiting scandal. Meyer was cleared of all major violations, but he wasn’t cleared of some minor ones and Crean obviously knows more about any possible Meyer wrongdoings than I would.

Sources message-board commenters say that Meyer told Crean to “f-off” before the exchange, so that would make this a bit more understandable. But still, it’s clearly a classless move after you literally JUST won the best damn conference in college basketball in the closing seconds of the final game of the year in heartbreaking fashion, when the other team is miserable. And if Jeff Meyer knew what Jeff Meyer did, you don’t need to tell Jeff Meyer what Jeff Meyer did over half a decade ago when you just beat him for the second straight time and ruined his own B1G title hopes.

Tom Crean is unfamiliar with the high road or the ground-level road. Tom Crean only travels via underground subway.

Crean is obviously an incredible coach, but he seems to be going down that Belichickian road of tastelessness that will make his own school adore him, and everyone else despise him. We will soon be analyzing even his insignificant actions, because we’ll all hate him. That Harbaugh handshake intensity is rubbing off on this Harbaugh-in-law, for sure.

As a bitter Michigan fan, I will simply point out that for now, Tom Crean is the third-best coach at the holiday dinner table. And the second-best Tom Crean, for eternity. Seriously, Tom Crean could go down as the best coach of all-time, for all I care, but he will never surpass Tom Crean, Irish seaman and Antarctic explorer.

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