U Mad, Bro? People Sure Are Pissed At High School Kid Andrew Wiggins For Committing To Kansas

  • Eric Goldschein

Andrew Wiggins is a 6’8” small forward from Canada. He was tagged as the number one overall recruit for 2013, coming out of Huntington Prep School in West Virginia. He’s considered the difference between a national title and an early-round exit in the NCAA tournament.

Top schools like Kentucky, Florida State and UNC all lusted after the kid — in an appropriate, basketball-oriented way — but Wiggins could only choose one place to pursue a degree chill for one year before heading to the NBA. He chose perennial powerhouse Kansas. So fans of other programs — who moments before had probably been praying for Wiggins’ presence at their school — turned on the young man.

These courageous keyboard warriors went right up to Wiggins’ virtual face and gave him a piece of their minds. Virtually.

Here’s the best example of the mentality many of these people had:

Cool. Thanks for you opinions, Twitter users. (You look totally insane and hysterical and ridiculous and out of touch and idiotic when you do this, by the way.)

If you’re wondering why people care so much, here’s the dude’s highlight reel:

[Run The Floor]

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