This Might Explain Why UConn Lost To Iowa State

  • Tom Lorenzo

I’m not quite sure what you call this, but I guess we can just go with “dancing.” Prior to the start of the UConn-Iowa State game, the defending national champs did some sort of “preparation” to get them ready for their first-round matchup. Unfortunately, it seems like they got their “preparation” dance mixed up with their “terrible shooting performance” dance, because they cannot find the bottom of the basket at all tonight.

Or better yet it might help explain why Roscoe Smith couldn’t read the clock tonight.

If UConn can somehow make a miraculous comeback — currently down by 16 points midway through the second half — and beat the Cyclones tonight I will be sure to do this dance every morning when I wake up. If they lose, which is seeming inevitable at this point, there’s a pretty good chance I won’t be shaking and shimmying tomorrow morning. Your move, UConn.

[Update: They lost, so I’m not dancing. Huzzah.]

Video via CJ Fogler