USC Talked To Tim Floyd About Its Basketball Coach Job. Come On, Guys, You’re Ignoring Fresh New Faces.

  • Glenn Davis

USC is looking for a basketball coach to replace the fired Kevin O’Neill. As you might remember, I threw my name into the ring, thanks to USC posting the job publicly on the school’s website. Well, since doing that, I haven’t heard back. And I understood – I’m sure there are many interested candidates, fresh faces who’d bring a new perspective to the program and would also be more conventional hires OH COME ON:

Former USC basketball coach Tim Floyd said Monday night he has had a meeting with Athletic Director Pat Haden in which they discussed the Trojans basketball job opening.

Floyd said Haden had contacted him, and the three-hour meeting “went well.”

You talked to FLOYD before me?! The guy whose previous USC tenure ended in vacated wins and a self-imposed postseason ban?! OK, so maybe he was cleared of any personal violations, but do you really want a guy with that kind of baggage – a guy who publicly talked about meeting with you while he’s coaching a team (UTEP) still with games to go in its season – around? When I told you in that video about how I wasn’t Tim Floyd – you did realize that was a selling point, right?

Seriously, for your sake I hope the Floyd thing was purely a “this guy knows people and he might be able to help point us in the right direction” meeting, and not a “we seriously might bring this guy back” meeting. Your interview with Mike Hopkins, the Syracuse assistant? I get that one. Native Californian, extensive experience at a successful program, still in his early 40s so you could imagine him building something and sticking around a while – the pieces fit.

But Floyd? I’ve never been so insulted. It’s like you didn’t even see the part of the video where I exhorted my hypothetical players to give consistent effort on defense. You know how important consistent effort on defense is? There was a time when I would have answered that by saying, “Well, of course the powers that be in the USC athletic department know how important consistent defensive effort is, they know what they’re doing. What do they look like, a bunch of newbies?” But now I’m not so sure.

I don’t mean to burn a bridge – I’d still love to be considered, of course – but I really fear you’re making a serious misstep here. Sometimes the devil you know beats the one you don’t, but this isn’t one of those times. It’s time to scrap business as usual and start thinking about fresh faces. Faces like this:

That’s not just the face of the future of USC basketball – that’s the face of victory. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

Getty photo, by Chris Graythen