Verne Down! Lundquist Takes A Hit, Gets Right Back Up

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

Damn…I was a few weeks from retirement!

Beloved play-by-play man Verne Lundquist, set to ride off into the sunset fairly soon after a storied career spent throughout several levels of sports media, had a rough start to calling a doubleheader of NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Saturday, accidentally getting knocked in the fact with an errant basketball, West Virginia’s Teyvon Myers being the (obviously unintentionally) guilty party.

Lundquist, who was a good sport about the whole thing, said he got back at Myers by tearing his trademark #0 jersey, forcing him into a nameless backup #22. Needless to say, parts of Twitter covered Lundquist’s pregame adventure in humorous fashion.

Lundquist called the subsequent game without issue, witnessing West Virginia take an 83-71 decision to become the first team to advance to the Sweet 16. However, with the Mountaineers’ win, let’s hope nailing Lundquist in the face with a ball doesn’t become a tournament tradition.