Victor Oladipo’s View On Draft Day, Through His Google Glass

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Ex-Indiana and current Orlando Magic basketballer/singer Victor Oladipo wore Google Glass on NBA Draft day, so we should presumably have his firsthand account from the Green Room.

But, of course, #TeamStern‘s henchmen did not allow this, as he was forced to remove the glasses before being seated. So, we got to see some cool stuff before and after, but The Verge’s exclusive was sort of ruined.

Still, it’s worth a watch.

As for why he couldn’t wear them, The Verge summed it up pretty well:

It’s not exactly clear why the NBA decided that Victor shouldn’t wear Glass at the draft, but it’s disappointing; only an incredibly select few know what it’s like to walk up the stairs and across that stage to shake David Stern’s hand as your life changes forever, and Victor’s first-person video would have given the rest of us a glimpse of that moment. It would have been amazing.

But Glass is weird and new, and the NBA is not known for loving weird and new.

That quote is a bad omen for weird and new draft pick, Lucas Nogueira.

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