Watch Michigan’s Nik Stauskas Make 45 of 50 3-Pointers In The Canadian Cold

  • Matt Rudnitsky

If you don’t know Michigan freshman Nik Stauskas, know that he is Canadian and an ungodly 3-point shooter. According logic, this means he is also a nice human being. However, his 6-foot-6, shooting-guard frame proves that he is not, in fact, Steve Nash.

Canadian shooters are likable people, so watch Nik drain 45-of-50 3-pointers in 25-degree weather on Christmas Eve, and hop on the bandwagon before everybody loves him come March. He somehow slipped under the recruiting radar, just a three-star recruit when Michigan signed him, though he rose later on. He’s inarguably been one of the top freshmen in the nation.

In case you can’t do the maths like I can, 45-of-50 is 90%. I can’t even get 90% of my pee in the toilet.

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