Watch Two Home Crowds Get Their Hearts Ripped Out By Devastating Buzzer-Beaters

  • Eric Goldschein

syracuse winner

Nothing like spending a ton of money — not to mention emotional energy — on a basketball game to watch your favorite team play, and see them come tantalizingly close to beating their opponent (bonus points if this opponent is one of the best in the league/country), only to watch them lose on an unlikely game-winner.

That happened to two different home crowds last night.

Let’s start in Pittsburgh, where the Pitt Panthers hosted the number one ranked and undefeated Syracuse Orange. (Full disclosure: Pitt alum here.) Pitt was up one with 4.4 seconds to go, and was one defensive stand away from knocking off the nation’s best team, as they were favored to do by, yes, one point. Then, this:

All the animals in the Oakland Zoo subsequently died from heartbreak. It was a typical finish for the Panthers, who have made a living over the last few years on playing just well enough to lose when it matters most. Tyler Ennis is good.

But Wednesday featured more than one unlikely three for the win. LeBron James and the Heat were at Golden State, and were in danger of losing by two. Then, this:


Seriously though, it sucks when this happens. Sorry, Pittsburgh and Oakland (the California one, not the one in Pittsburgh. But that one too).

P.S. — James Harden also had a game-winner, but it was a lay-up at home, so whatever.

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