We Were Curious Who’s Got The Most Accurate Bracket At This Point — This Is What We Found

  • Jake O'Donnell

Between ESPN, Yahoo!, and CBS — the most accurate bracket out there belongs to some guy named “Marc.” That’s all we know about him (seeing as his bracket is called “Marc’s Madness,” we’ve assumed that’s his name).

Marc has accurately predicted the outcome of the entire East region (not too many upsets there), while only slipping up in the South, where he had Stanford exiting early and Kansas advancing to the Elite Eight to play Florida (instead of Dayton). Other than those, he only missed the Duke-Mercer game (who didn’t) and had fifth seeded Oklahoma beating twelve seed North Dakota State (another pick everyone had wrong).

Tonight, he’s got his National Champion Florida Gators beating Dayton, and (2) Wisconsin beating (1) Arizona. Then he predicts you’ll find a nice girl, settle down, get married, and you’ll both be eaten by bears while on vacation.