Who Is America Rooting For Tonight And Tomorrow In The Sweet 16?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

You already know that nobody is winning $1 billion in Warren Buffett’s Perfect 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket challenge. But the top 20 brackets will win $100,000, and I’m sure you all are still in your own smaller pools that you might actually win.

So, who does America need to win in the Sweet 16 for their brackets? (Numbers via Yahoo!’s Tournament Challenge, all times ET.)


(10) Stanford -3 vs. (11) Dayton

7:15pm, CBS

0.8% of people picked Stanford to make the Elite 8.
0.4% of people picked Dayton.

(2) Wisconsin -3.5 vs. (6) Baylor

7:47pm, TBS

53.3% picked Wisconsin.
10.1% Baylor.

(1) Florida -4.5 vs. (4) UCLA

9:45pm, CBS

89.7%(!) picked Florida.
6% UCLA.

(1) Arizona -8 vs. (4) San Diego State

10:17pm, TBS

76% picked Arizona.
9.2% San Diego State.


(2) Michigan -2 vs. (11) Tennessee

7:15pm, CBS

41.8% picked Michigan.
0.7%(!) Tennessee.

(3) Iowa State -1.5 vs. (7) Connecticut

7:27pm, TBS

42.9% picked Iowa State.
4.7% UConn.

(4) Louisville -4.5 vs. (8) Kentucky

9:45pm, CBS

62.7% picked Louisville.
5.8% Kentucky.

(4) Michigan State -1.5 vs. (1) Virginia

9:57pm, TBS

64.7% picked Michigan State.
29.7% Virginia.

So, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Iowa State, Louisville and Michigan State are all clear choices for the vast majority of America. Nobody really cares about Stanford or Dayton.

If my preview is right, America will be sad.