Yale's Brandon Sherrod Quits Basketball Team To Join Whiffenpoofs Singing Group

  • Rick Chandler

Before you laugh, please note that the Whiffenpoofs have played the Oakland Coliseum and The White House, which, although he’s a decent college player, Brandon Sherrod is not likely to do in basketball. But as a member of the campus undergraduate a capella singing group, he’ll play in those places, and more. Lord have mercy on such as we, baa, baa, baa …

The Whiffenpoofs were formed in 1909, and are the nation’s oldest college singing group. Sherrod, a 6-foot-6 forward on Yale’s basketball team (he averaged 6.8 points and 21.0 minutes last season, starting in 14 games), is forgoing his junior year of hoops after being accepted to the group. We assume Sherrod will resume basketball as a senior.

The Whiffenpoofs perform all over the world: here they are in action in 2010, singing their signature “Whiffenpoof Song”.

And here they are from a campus concert in 2013, which I chose not only for the melodious tones, but the one guy holding a giant Mickey Mouse head:

Fun fact: Among famous Whiffenpoofs have been Cole Porter, Prescott Bush, and Dr. Victor Frankenstein (In “Young Frankenstein”, Gene Wilder says he attended Yale, and was a Whiffenpoof).

And look, Sherrod has an official Whiffenpoof nickname! The 2015 roster, from their official site:

Announcing: The Whiffenpoofs of 2015!

DJ “Pitchpipe” Stanfill
Jackson “Oh thay can you” Thea
Justin “eats his” Young
Ian “Who Wants To Be A” Miller
Daniel “Only forest fires can prevent” Yu
Jake “Vincent” van Leer
Kyle “Little Bo” Picha
Jeremy “Oh my gawd, dzid you write the Iliad? I LOVED” Zitomer
Elliah “Skinny Jeans? Make sure the t” Heifetz
Tim “ba” Lind
Derwin “Release the kr” Aikens
Brandon “Que Sherrod” Sherrod
Jamie “Come taste the smörgasbogyo in my Winne” Bogyo
Ehrik “Popocatepetl” Aldana

STRONG: Derwin “Release the kr” Aikens.

WEAK: Ian “Who Wants To Be A” Miller.