HS Sophomore Gets Sixty-Five Recruiting Letters From Texas In One Day … And One Lonely Letter From Arkansas

  • Rick Chandler

The University of Texas is recruiting sophomores now, and they’re pressing hard for Jalen Campbell, a defensive back for Flour Bluff High School in Corpus Christi, TX. Recently Campbell’s mom went to the mailbox and … BOOF! 65 letters from Mack Brown fell out. That may seem strange to you and me … well, to me … but more so considering that Campbell has already verbally committed to the Longhorns. I’d hate to see his mailbox if he were still deciding.

Used to be that colleges couldn’t send recruitment letters to kids before July of their junior year, but the NCAA’s new, relaxed recruiting rules make mail delivery at some homes look like this:

“Ho ho ho, it’s a recruiting free-for-all!”

Seems odd that in 2013 we’re still chopping down trees so colleges can send hundreds of letters to kids who have already verbally committed. Campbell can’t actually sign with Texas until Feb. of his senior year, in 2015. So get a snow shovel and prepare to use it, kid.

It’s not uncommon for some undecided high school athletes to get more than 100 recruiting letters in the same day, from the same school. Coaches can also call recruits as much as they want — and many take advantage of that. CBS Sports, via Busted Coverage:

Here’s how the nation’s No. 1 recruit describes the current climate regulating calls and texting: “All night, every night,” Loganville (Ga.) Grayson High’s Robert Nkemdiche said. “Sometimes 12:30 at night when you’re trying to sleep I got my phone vibrating. People are always texting me.”

Next time you hear a coach accuse the press of hounding or exploiting their players, remember that the real exploitation often occurs when the athletes are still in high school.