8th Grader Personifies Beast Mode, Gets Scholarship Offers From Basically Entire SEC

  • Jake O'Donnell

6’1″, 217 lbs, and over 700,000 hits on YouTube. Before he’s turned 14. Judging by the trajectory he’s on, Baton Rouge native Dylan Moses will solve world hunger and win an Oscar by the time he can buy cigarettes. Which he won’t, because he’ll be playing for either LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Florida, Florida State, UCLA, Nebraska and Texas.

All of whom have reportedly offered him scholarships. (Can’t sign until you’re a senior in high school, so no pressure kid.)

Here are some more numbers, just in case you weren’t understanding the hype: 4.6 40, 34″ vertical. Still not getting it? Just watch him run like a deer against other children his own age.

Recruiting the incredibly young isn’t something new, but that doesn’t make it less dangerous to their egos. Alas, Amanda Bynes was recruited at a very early age to sign with Nickelodeon’s “All That”, and look at her now.

H/T HuffPostSports