A Kent State Player Returned A Fumble The Wrong Way, But That Wasn’t Even The Silliest Part Of This Clip

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Kent State and Towson. Not exactly college football powerhouses, but one could make the case that every player in college football should know which direction their team is trying to go in order to score at any given moment, even the guys on lowly Kent State and Towson. But Kent State’s Andre Parker didn’t. He picked up a muffed punt only to return it almost 60 yards in the wrong direction. And then the other guys tackled him. Wut?

Now now now, here’s what really happened. The play should have been dead on the spot when Kent State recovered the fumble, so the play was reviewed, the bizzaro recovery was nullified, and the ball was placed on the Towson 7-yard line. BUT, the fact that this recovery itself happened was not nullified, the fact that the other guys didn’t allow Parker to score a proverbial “own goal” was not nullified, and thankfully, we will always and forever have video of it.

Sorry, Andre Parker. You brought this upon yourself.

[Video via CJ Fogler]