According To LeBron James, LeBron James Ran A 4.6 40 Last Summer

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

LeBron James is listed as 6’8″, 250 pounds. For a person his size, he is unnaturally quick. Many think, including James himself, that he would’ve made a formidable NFL tight end, you know, like that time Michael Jordan thought he could play baseball, except the opposite. It could totally work.

Just in case you were wondering how James would fare with the incoming NFL draft class at this week’s combine, he offered up his own insight for you, including a 40-time he ran as recently as last summer, which would put some notable non-imaginary draft prospects to shame. According to James, he ran the 40-yard dash time in a respectable 4.6 seconds.

“I was just messing around, though,” James said, via “No training.”

“It’s better than Manti Te’o, I’ll tell you that,” he said to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Well, it is better than Manti Te’o, who only mustered up a 4.82. We don’t need hundredths of a second to tell you all the reasons why LeBron James is a better athlete than Manti Te’o, though. I wonder what LeBron would’ve run on a good day with some training behind him. In all likelihood, it would be good enough for him to not have to date an imaginary person.

[h/t, Getty Images]