Army, Navy, And Air Force Pretty Much Just Cancelled Athletics Until Government Shutdown B.S. Ends

  • Jake O'Donnell

Great. Just great. See America? This is what happens when you f*** a stranger in the a**.

[Via Yahoo! Sports]Air Force announced Tuesday afternoon that it would not travel for any athletic contests, including Saturday’s Commander-in-Chief Trophy game at Navy, due to the government shutdown.

Even worse: They’ve cancelled a soccer match between Navy and Howard University. (Kind of a joke, but the point is this bureaucratic nightmare has far reaching effects, even and especially in athletics.) Swimming, basketball, hockey, men’s and women’s both — no one is getting paid, and nothing can really be paid for, so they’ll be hard pressed to continue on á la business-as-usual.

Between Army, Navy, and Air Force remaining schedules, nine games take place away from home. That means should the shutdown continue, nine NCAA Division I games will go unplayed this season — seriously affecting other state/private programs, like Boston College and Notre Dame. You’re entering a world of hurt, America.

(If you aren’t sure why we chose the Lebowksi analogy, here’s our explanation: If you just start smashing everything because you can’t get someone to cooperate, everyone loses, including you. And you’re probably wrong in the first place. There. Poetic, right?)

Maybe if people see how this type of poor negotiating in Washington impacts the sport we unanimously love as a country, the divide between the political far right and the center right/middle/left can be bridged…oh who are we kidding, this train doesn’t have brakes and is barreling down the tracks.

And it’s headed for everything you hold most sacred. Sound off below.