Here’s What The Line For Alabama Championship Gear Looked Like Around Midnight

  • Glenn Davis

Last night’s LSU-Alabama rematch for the national title included all the lack of offense of the first game…only this time without the drama of the game actually being close. Alabama won 21-0, and honestly, the game wasn’t even that close. Maybe it didn’t make for the most exciting viewing, but Alabama fans were just fine with it. So fine, in fact, that shortly after it was over, the line for Bama title gear looked like this:

You know, if that Five Guys were open (alas, the unlit sign suggests it wasn’t), it would have been awfully tempting to say “Screw it” and sneak in there for a burger. But that’s coming from me. I’m not an Alabama fan.

And this was the type of game that could only excite an Alabama fan, because their team was dominant. Again, the 21-0 final score doesn’t do the game justice: the Tide more than quadrupled LSU’s offensive output (384 yards to 92). Looking over the game’s box score, it’s hard not to admire just how thoroughly Alabama controlled this entire game…and hard not to wish you were in that crowd above, among those precious few who could have found more to like while watching that game last night.

[h/t Scott McClellan, via Busted Coverage]