Watch An Alabama Fan Couple Become Progressively More Insane During The Texas A&M Loss

  • Glenn Davis

It’s one of the rough things about being a sports fan, that you have zero impact on the outcome of the event in which you’re so invested. It’s a big reason we’re so prone to freaking out when watching: we’re utterly helpless to change whatever happens. Freaking out is the only thing you can do.

Now imagine you’re an Alabama football fan – one of the most passionate (i.e. crazy) types of fans in existence. Imagine your team’s national title hopes are on the line every game, that they’d barely survived a week ago against LSU, and they were on the ropes again against Texas A&M. You are watching it all unfold, with no Call of Duty to distract you. It’s a tense, back-and-forth game. And remember, your team hasn’t had a whole lot go wrong in recent years; you probably don’t handle the slightest bit of football-related difficulty too well. Oh, and there’s a camera on you. Would you look any more in-control than these folks did?

Insult to injury: check our screencap above. The lady Tebows after the decisive interception. He haunts them even now.

[Busted Coverage]