Today In “Naked Alabama Fans On Bourbon Street”

  • Dan Fogarty

Apparently things got pretty crazy on Bourbon Street last night. This tends to happen when the Saints win a home playoff game. Oh, and when two storied football programs (and two of the top party schools in the country) are about to do battle in the Superdome for the national championship.

LSU and Alabama fans were out in full force yesterday in the French Quarter, and although Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis reports that there were at least a few shenanigans (NSFW: “young LSU fans had a spider that they were dropping off the Jackson Square balcony on to unsuspecting Alabama fans”) it seems that, for the most part, the two schools co-existed peacefully.

Very peacefully, in fact. Here’s a shot of one Alabama fan, adventuring through the Quarter sans shirt but with a Bear Bryant hat, and an LSU fan wearing a look that conveys two very different emotions. Those emotions being “Dude?” and “Dude.” The big game is tonight at 8:30 EST on ESPN, although ‘Bama has apparently won the national championship of public nudity already.

[NSFW: Outkick the Coverage]