You Can Now See The Whole $100 Million Alabama Football Locker Room, And… OMG…

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Alabama Football Locker RoomThe Alabama Crimson Tide Football Standard Oil Co. has a new $100 million locker planet room, and if anything, that seems cheap for this ridiculous facility. Supreme Ruler Nick Saban now has the pinnacle of luxury and functionality at his disposal, and as much as the NCAA and its bullshit “amateurism” rules suck, you won’t feel too bad for Alabama players after seeing where they spend their months holed up.

Saban: “They can do everything in one place. They don’t need to go outside.”

Very nice that players can avoid all interaction with the lowly folk of Tuscaloosa, except for those sad hours where they have to leave and go to class.

But, there is one thing they can’t get: a waterfall. How will players survive without a watefall? (Wait, they have a waterfall.)