Alabama Recruit Used Baby To Announce College Choice

  • Rick Chandler

When I first saw the headline for this story, I thought that Nick Saban had signed a baby. Not the case (but give him time). Instead, it was about Derek Kief, who set the school record for receptions in a season in 2011 with 65 for Cincinnati’s LaSalle High School. Kief announced his college choice on Sunday with a video which he sent out on Twitter.

Let’s see: Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama? Check. Family and friends celebrating? Check. Random baby? Check.

But wait, that’s not actually a random baby. It’s Kief’s sister, and he announced his choice by slowly turning the baby to the camera to reveal she was wearing Alabama clothing. Cue Skynyrd.

If LeBron had used a baby to announce he was going to Miami, he would have received no grief whatsoever.