Alex Trebek Shames Jeopardy Contestant For Lack Of College Football Knowledge

  • Ben Axelrod

Oh, this poor guy. All of his life, he’s probably stocked his brain with useful knowledge, like what the biggest lake in Japan is, and what Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s Christian names were. So when The Daily Double on a recent edition of Jeopardy featured a college football-related question, he was probably thinking, “Oh, shit, I’ve never watched football in my life, and now the entire world will know.”

To the man’s credit, Ohio State isn’t a bad guess to anything college football related. He at least knows enough so that his wild stab in the dark was a big-time BCS school.

Unfortunately, this educated guess doesn’t amuse host Alex Trebek, who takes the man’s embarrassment and Daily Doubles it.

[The Big Lead]