All 12 Ways To Watch The College Football Playoff National Championship Tonight

All 12 Ways To Watch The College Football Playoff National Championship Tonight
  • Eric Goldschein

The biggest and final game of the college football season — and arguably the biggest game in the history of the sport — is tonight as the surprising Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Oregon Ducks in Texas.

The first-of-its-kind college football championship will by broadcast (nay, “Megacast”) by ESPN in 12 — yes, TWELVE — different formats:

What does that all mean?

-There’s your traditional broadcast with Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN.
-There’s the return of Film Room, which debuted last year and features coaches (Dan Mullen, Pat Narduzzi, Mike Riley) providing the kind of technical analysis you don’t get anywhere else, on ESPN2.
-There’s ESPN Voices, the group of analysts from a bunch of different sports (think Jay Bilas and Aaron Boone) on ESPNU.
-There’s Off the Ball, whic is kind of like Film Room, but with Matt Millen.
-There’s Sounds of the Game, which is a broadcast without announcers and just natural sounds via 100 microphones on ESPN Classic.
-There’s ESPN Radio, which is a broadcast without video.
-There’s the Home Team Radio broadcast for each side on ESPN3, played over TV footage of the game.
-There’s Spanish Language Call on ESPN Deportes, which should be exciting to hear.
-There’s Command Center on ESPN Goal Line has commercial-free coverage of the game with lots of different camera angles and replays.
-There’s the Taco Bell Student Section, which shows the craziest fans from each side.
-There’s the Data Center, which is all about numbers (analytics, social media content), also on ESPN 3.

Happy watching! (By the way, if you’re not near a TV, get to WatchESPN.)

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