An Autograph Hound Once Flew To Houston Just So He Could Board Another Plane And Sit Next To Johnny Manziel

  • Rick Chandler

Earlier we examined the behavior of sports fans who would risk injury to young children — in some cases, even their own — in order to obtain an autograph or piece of memorabilia from their favorite athlete.

And while the below doesn’t involve kids, well, it still rather fits with the theme. And isn’t Johnny Manziel practically a kid?


And, here’s an update.

Re-jected. Don’t know if this occurred before the pay-for-autographs heat started coming down on Manziel by the NCAA, but still a dumb move by the fan.

Hard to believe that that autograph would have ever amounted to more than the travel expense it took to obtain it, anyway. So that leaves the hard truth that someone idolized a 20-year-old enough to fly to Houston (laugh track) just to get on another plane to get an autograph. Sweet Holy Maria. What a world.