Another New Year’s Day Ruined! Stanford Band Angers Old, Boring People At Rose Bowl

  • Rick Chandler

It’s a tradition almost as old as college football itself: The Stanford Band flaunts tradition with zany halftime antics, causing stodgy, militaristic fusspots with onions on their belts to froth at the mouth and type angry words onto the Internet. Why, Stanford Band? Why must you tear at the very fabric of society?

For the record, there are only two college marching bands that I enjoy: Stanford’s, and Ohio State’s. All others are stuck in the mid-1960s, and remind me of any given scene from “Babes In Toyland”, only with more outdated music. Stanford gives the finger to all of that lock-step convention, and that’s kind of amazing, considering that it’s Stanford — home of Condoleezza Rice and Herbert Hoover.

Make no mistake: many people really, really hate the Stanford band. Why spend all that energy on loathing a marching band? My theory is because there is hardly a college out there which hasn’t been lampooned by them. And the Stanford Band doesn’t gently nudge you in the ribs … they often go for the throat. Folks from other colleges don’t like that. They are Hawkeye Pierce to every other university’s Frank Burns. Example from the Rose Bowl, as the Stanford Band gives it to Michigan State:

Among other highlights from the Stanford Band’s Rose Bowl effort (with disparaging comments interspersed):