Argument Between Oklahoma And Texas Football Fans Leads To Knife Fight At Applebee’s, Y’all

  • Dan Fogarty

Today in news reports that are kind of depressing but not really surprising when you think about it: a 29-year-old Oklahoma Sooners fan pulled a knife on a 22-year-old Texas Longhorns fan in a San Antonio Applebee’s during an argument over sports.

The Longhorns fan was taken to the hospital with cuts on his wrists, while the Sooners fan apparently suffered wounds on his arms and torso from his own blade. No word on what was done with their leftover sliders.

See, this is why we can’t have nice things, people. If two gentlemen can’t have an amicable disagreement in a family-style chain restaurant without dueling, then I’m afraid we really are at a point of no return.

“My team is better than yours!”

“No, my team is better than yours!”