This Year’s Army-Navy Football Game May Feature Navy’s Best Uniforms Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Army and Navy square off this Saturday. You know what that’ll mean: one of the most spirited and long-standing rivalries in college football, the pride, the pomp, the “more than football” subtext of the entire event. And, of course, the specially-crafted-for-Army-Navy uniforms. This year’s editions are already getting rave reviews, and Army’s feature a subtle historical map inspired by World War II, which is pretty cool.

But Navy’s – man. Navy’s are awesome this year. We sincerely hope this isn’t the last time they wear these things, because they are sharp all the way around. It’s not too fundamentally different from this design (blue lettering, blue on the shoulders), but it’s been refined to perfection. And the helmets. Well, we’ll stop yammering on and let you actually see them now. Who’s got the better outfits this year? (photos via SB Nation/Facebook/Nikeblog/Getty)