Audio: Danny Sheridan Appears On Paul Finebaum’s Show To Reveal Cam Newton’s Bagman, Fails To Do So, Accuses Internet Of Being Cockroaches

  • Timothy Burke

In a bizarre radio bait-and-switch, oddsmaker Danny Sheridan‘s heavily-promoted appearance on the Paul Finebaum show Wednesday afternoon resulted in disappointment and anger from both the host and listeners when Sheridan refused to reveal the identity of the alleged money-handler in the Cam Newton scandal.

Claiming he wanted to avoid a lawsuit and the eventual revelation of his source at the NCAA, Sheridan spent two hours Wednesday doing everything but what was promised to Finebaum listeners: naming Newton’s so-called “bagman.” Sheridan instead launched into numerous attacks on Internet “cockroaches,” told critics to “put their money where their mouth is,” volunteered to take a polygraph test, and defended his nondisclosure as “protecting people’s jobs”:

After the initial discussion, callers to Finebaum’s program ripped Sheridan, eliciting conversations about “moral repugnation” and a strange allegation about Craig James and prostitutes.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell commented concisely but succinctly:

Danny Sheridan has spent more than 25 years building his reputation. Only took 20 minutes to destroy it.

Sheridan’s attorney responded by alleging media critics were just “jealous.”

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