Behold: The Biggest Point Spread In College Football History

  • Dan Fogarty

Last weekend, Savannah State was demolished by Oklahoma State 84-0 in Stillwater. As CBS Sports notes, there was serious talk as to whether the Cowboys could hit 100 in that game: it was SSU’s first-ever FBS opponent, which their grand total of eight first downs was a testament to.

All in all, though, the Tigers earned good money for the beatdown: a $385,000 payout to be exact. This weekend, when they face the sixth-ranked Florida State Seminoles, they’ll get another nice check.

They’ll also get the dubious distinction of being the biggest underdog in college football history.

70 1/2 is the spread, folks. According to WaPo, it bests a 2007 Hawaii-Northern Colorado game in which the Warriors failed to cover a 60-point spread.

Will the Tigers cover? Probably not. Although 70 1/2 seems like a lot, FSU is ranked 12 spots higher than OSU in the AP poll, so, yeah, this is going to be a bloodbath. God bless you, you little Tigers. Because you’re getting blown. the. eff. out this weekend.

[Eye on College Football]