Bill Murray Beat Up A Chief Osceola-Garbed Lee Corso On The College Gameday Set

  • Rick Chandler

Apparently ESPN and Lee Corso are unaware of this thorny Native American mascot issue we’ve got going right now. But Bill Murray will not let this blissful ignorance stand.

This happened on the College Gameday set this morning: Murray, representing Clemson, beat up Corso, dressed as Florida State mascot Chief Osceola. You don’t see that every day.

Corso’s creaky dressup antics began getting tiresome, at least for me, about five years ago. But now Murray has arrived to inject some badly needed beatdown hilarity, saving the day. Let this also serve as a metaphor for Native American sports mascots everywhere, and for Corso’s career.

In a perfect world we could all pummel Lee Corso every Saturday.