Boise St.’s Mitch Burroughs Makes The 2012 Season Official By Trampling A Cheerleader

  • Joe Levine

The college football season doesn’t officially begin until someone tramples a cheerleader on the sideline while making a play on a ball that has no chance of being caught inbounds. The 2012 season became official halfway through the first quarter of last night’s Boise St.-Michigan St. game.

Boise St. quarterback Joe Southwick was content for the season to still be unofficially underway Friday night when he threw away a pass with 5:20 left in the first quarter. Luckily, receiver Mitch Burroughs had other ideas. No matter that the pass was at least five yards out of bounds. Burroughs knew this was an uncatchable ball. How could he not? He had bigger fish to fry. He had to make sure this year wasn’t just for practice.

On behalf of college football fans everywhere, thank you, Mitch Burroughs, for making sure this season counts in the history books.

Video via CJ Fogler