The Secret To Michigan Kicker Brendan Gibbons’ Success: Thinking About Girls

  • Glenn Davis

Michigan sophomore kicker Brendan Gibbons was a key factor in his team’s 23-20 Sugar Bowl win over Virginia Teach last night, going 3-for-3 on field goals, including the game-winning 37-yarder in overtime. While a 37-yard field goal doesn’t exactly sound daunting, it’s a high-pressure situation, and in high-pressure situations, all bets are off. Gibbons, though, nailed it like it was nothing. What was his secret? Allow him to explain…

Ah, yes, nothing like brunette girls (he says “brunette,” right?) to make your troubles go away. Of course, it’s not like the “picture some pretty girls” advice is exactly new: rather, it’s pretty much a version of the old “picture everyone in their underwear” strategy, but modified for the “horny college kid” population. In other words: brilliant.

Video by CJ Fogler.