Brent Musburger Creeped On The Various Women In AJ McCarron’s Life (Video)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It’s early, but AJ McCarron and the Crimson Tide look well on their way to a second straight national championship. Even if the Irish can right the ship and stop McCarron from becoming the first QB to be a repeat champion in the BCS era, he has still won. He has beat us all. Because the woman on the left is his girlfriend, model, Miss Alabama, Katherine Webb.

And we weren’t the only ones to recognize his pretty little squeeze. McCarron’s girlfriend and his mother Dee Dee Bonner only look as creeped out as they do because Brent Musburger was making creepy old-man passes at them on national television.

Naturally, the two women in McCarron’s life couldn’t hear Musburger, but it’s not like they’d be making these faces at what was going on on the field — AJ was giving them every reason to look otherwise. Somehow I’d like to think they could hear Old Man Brent, and that his bantering was directly responsible for the wary looks on the faces of these women. Look how seriously creeped out McCarron’s mom is.

Also, that little boy, FTW. Only a natural reaction for one sitting next to Webb.

[video via Dylan Murphy]