TMZ Ambushed Poor Ol’ Brent Musburger At The Airport To Ask About AJ McCarron’s Hot Girlfriend

  • Dylan Murphy

ESPN’s Brent Musburger has been on quite the roll of late – first there was his borderline inappropriate ogling of AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, and mother, Dee Dee Bonner, and then he may have called ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe “really smokin. “ESPN apologized for the former, but flatly denied any wrongdoing in the latter.

But now, finally, Musburger has spoken up to defend himself. TMZ, in the most TMZ thing ever, staked out the airport in Palm Beach, Florida and ambushed him with questions about the Katherine Webb incident. Musburger, for whatever reason, felt the need to stop and chat, and did actually clear up a few things. First, that he hasn’t spoken to Webb since the incident – she wasn’t even bothered by the comments anyway. But more to the point, TMZ asked him whether or not he felt what he said was inappropriate. And after a brief in pause, in which Musburger seemed to weigh his options, he flatly stated “no.”

So, there you have it: case closed. That is until the next time he broadcasts an Alabama football game, and we can start this whole thing up again.

[TMZ, via Sports Rantz]