Bret Bielema’s Hot Wife Apparently Didn’t Know He Was Famous And Married Him For His Large Stomach Personality

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema, formerly of Wisconsin, has a hot wife named Jen Bielema. (That wasn’t her name ’til after the marriage; don’t worry.)

You would think that she’s your standard “trophy wife,” meeting him at some bar, freaking out that he’s famous, and seducing him with her looks while he grunted and tried not to act too drunk.

According to the Arkansas game program, though, this was not the case. A big thanks to our friends at Busted Coverage, who were right on top of this.

In case you have trouble reading that, the gist is: They met in Vegas at a casino, Bret taught her how to play blackjack, they won money, stayed in touch, and she didn’t find out he was a football coach until four months later.

Although it sounds like they weren’t together when she found out he was famous. So, maybe we were right in the end.

Regardless, I don’t think we’ve introduced you to Jen. SportsGrid readers, meet Jen. Jen, SportsGrid readers.


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