Brian Kelly’s Solution To Stopping Alabama In The Second Half: Maybe They Won’t Come Out

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Because you’ve stopped watching the BCS National Championship Game, here’s what you’ve missed: Alabama outscored Notre Dame 28-0 in the first half. Notre Dame’s defense is nowhere to be found and has been replaced by A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb. Brent Musburger has been a creepy old man, and Manti Te’o has gone full magician with his disappearing act.

It was bad for Brian Kelly’s Irish squad in the first half. So bad, that when Holly Rowe asked what his team could improve upon to stop the Tide in the second half, he offered up this uninspiring morsel:

Unfortunately for Kelly, they did come back out, and they’ve already intercepted his quarterback Everett Golson. That could have been nice though.

[video via Dylan Murphy]