“But He Barked First!”: Florida LB Antonio Morrison Arrested For Getting Into Barking Match With Police Dog

  • Jake O'Donnell

florida player arrested

Usually when an athlete is arraigned on a weekend, it’s because he was fighting, trying to fight, drunk driving, caught with drugs, or murdering people. Believe it or not, University of Florida LB Antonio Morrison wasn’t doing any of those things. And he very well may be the first person to be arrested for doing what he did: stick his head inside a cop car window and barking at a K-9.

Bad middle linebacker! That’s a bad middle linebacker!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Jake, what about freedom of speech!” Well, the first amendment covers everything that comes out of your mouth with the exception of vomit and really really really really annoying loud noises meant to provoke animals. It’s in there, trust me.

Via Sporting News: “Harassing a K-9 cop qualifies second-degree misdemeanor in the state of Florida.”

The police report details the incident as such:

1) Morrison came up to the open window of police car and started barking at the dog sitting in the cruiser.
2) Cops tried to cuff Morrison, which he resisted.
3) Morrison stated to police that he was simply making a “woof woof” noise because the dog barked at him, first.

Ahh, the old woof/bark distinction defense. Excellent. This will pair nicely with his prior misdemeanor battery arrest in, ahem, June, that was “deferred” — whatever that means.