Alabama Football Fans Want To Kill Their Kicker… But At Least His Girlfriend Is Awfully Attractive (SLIDESHOW)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Cade Foster Girlfriend HotFans of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team like football, a lot. They like it so much that they kill people who joke around when they lose the Iron Bowl to the rival Auburn Tigers. Really, that happened. As did death threats to kicker Cade Foster, who missed all three of his field goal attempts in the heartbreaking loss.

Really, I felt awful for Cade Foster when hearing about this. He wasn’t even the kicker who kicked the field goal that was returned 100 yards for the game-winning touchdown. That was Adam Griffith. Nor was he Nick Saban, the coach that called the field goal, and didn’t have his players ready. (Not that any of them deserve death threats, obviously.)

However, Barstool recently claimed that this Alabama Phi Mu sorority girl, Callie Smith, is his girlfriend. I feel a lot better for him now. (Assuming that she didn’t dump him while he’s down.)

Next Impulse Sports has the deetz:

Callie is an Alabama student in the Class of 2015 where she is studying Telecommunications. The sexy coed is from Kentucky and is currently interning at WVUA TV. As you can see Callie loves the sorority life and is of course an actress/model. Enjoy the delightful pics of Callie and you’ll be able to go to bed easy tonight knowing that Foster is possibly dating this sexy lady.

Feel a little better about Cade Foster and check out a good ol’ WAG slideshow.


Photos via Next Impulse Sports and Barstool