Radio Host Claims He’s Heard Tapes Showing Cam Newton Knew About Pay-For-Play Scheme

  • Glenn Davis

Scott Moore, a Southern sports radio personality, made the media rounds over the last couple days to discuss the ongoing Cam Newton-Auburn-Mississippi State situation. Moore said he not only heard tapes on which Newton’s father Cecil shopped his son’s services, but that on some of the tapes, he said it was clear Cam Newton himself was in the room as his father was doing all this. If there’s anything to that…well, that would be an interesting twist.

While most of the attention surrounding Newton has (with reason) turned to his forthcoming NFL career and, more immediately, his combine performance, we knew even when he was ruled eligible by the NCAA last season that that didn’t mean the end of the whole mess, and interviews like Moore’s prove it.

First, a couple facts about Moore noted by Team Speed Kills:

Moore is an Alabama guy and his cohost on his radio show is a former Alabama player. Also, all of his information is coming from [former Mississippi State quarterback John] Bond and Bond’s tapes, not from himself.

I guess this is also the part where we bring up what a different “Alabama guy” did recently involving Auburn (while of course noting it was an extreme case and the majority of Alabama fans are more like this). The point is: it would be a bad idea to treat Moore’s words as infallible. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea, though, to simply give them some consideration.

Because he’s saying big things – the biggest, of course, being that Cam Newton must have known about his father’s doings. We only wish we could listen to these tapes that supposedly make it so clear Cam was in the room while Cecil tried to work over Mississippi State – The Bandit Ref believes the tapes will emerge eventually so everyone can make their own judgment whether it’s truly obvious Cam was in the room, but for now we’re left with Moore’s opinion.

Moore mentions other potentially big issues, too – like that Tennessee, according to Cecil Newton, had an offer out to Cam but that he’d offer Mississippi State a “discount.” (The potential problem here, also pointed out by Bandit Ref: believing this would involve taking Cecil Newton at his word, which we doubt anyone is too keen on doing at this point.) Also, there’s this, showing Auburn has more to concern itself with than Newton:

Moore reiterated the story that an FBI agent told Bond that Cam Newton would be a footnote in the Bureau’s investigation, and he said that the investigations into Colonial Bank will eventually be a problem for Auburn. AU Board of Trustee member and athletic booster Bobby Lowder was the CEO of the now-defunct bank, and several other prominent boosters serverd on Colonial’s board.

The issue that will probably be of most interest here to the average college football fan, however, is what will become of this new (possible) Cam Newton information. His supposed lack of knowledge of the shady doings happening around him was the driving force behind his eligibility to play college football, and if (a big, big if, it should be noted) the NCAA were to ever decide Moore’s interpretation of these tapes was correct, it’s possible we’d see some revisions to the NCAA record books. As for if any of that come to pass? Like anyone else, right now we have no idea.

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