A High Schooler Attempted A Car Jump To Impress Football Recruiters, But It Went Horribly Wrong (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Jesus. This video comes to us by way of The Big Lead, and shows a 19-year-old from Florida trying to jump over a car in order to impress some college football coaches. He mistimes his jump, however, and the results are predictably disturbing.

Bladimir Barreto of Palm Bay had to be airlifted to Holmes Regional Medical Center with “several broken bones and head injuries.”

His mom told Local 6 they are not leaving his hospital bedside. Barreto has 89 stitches in one leg and hasn’t woken up since the crash.

Bladimir’s 17-year-old brother Jerome was driving the car, while another brother, Giovanny, was filming the attempted stunt. Local 6 in Orlando cites a Kobe Bryant YouTube video, in which he appears to jump over an Aston Martin, as the inspiration for Barreto’s attempt. We’re not sure if they’re getting that from his family or neighbors, but the Kobe Bryant stunt was a fake, a viral marketing campaign helped along by FinalCut. If it indeed served as the inspiration for a kid trying to actually jump over a car, that just adds to how disturbing this is.

Barreto has reportedly attempted jumps like this before, and succeeded.

“I mean he’s always doing stuff like that and he’s always getting it right, so I guess he just got over confident,” said one of his classmates.

Video here. Warning: it shows the teen being hit by the car, then being flipped high into the air before landing in the middle of the road.

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