More Mascot Trouble: Cincinnati’s Bearcat Arrested During Game (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

Ohio University’s Rufus Bobcat has some competition for most unruly college mascot of 2010. Earlier today, the University of Cincinnati’s Bearcat mascot was involved in a bit of an episode during the team’s game against Pittsburgh (Pitt won 28-10), and it resulted in a disorderly conduct citation.

The AP reports:

A school spokesman says the mascot also was told to stop throwing snowballs in the stands and pushed a security guard, knocking both of them to the ground. The mascot was detained and cited. He was not identified.

Throwing the snowballs is one thing (though we’d say the mascot probably should have known better than to do that). But pushing the security guard? Well, you’re just asking for it at that point. On the plus side, it gives sites like ours a ridiculous thing to write about.

In an impressive (and apparently, more necessary than one might think) example of preparation, the Bearcat was replaced by a backup. Video of the Bearcat getting detained is above, while below, you can see video of the snowball-throwing. Both videos, as The Big Lead noted, would be so much more robust had the people who shot said videos held their cell phones differently. Alas. Still well worth watching.