Clemson-Louisville Will Be The Heisman’s Presidential Debate

Clemson-Louisville Will Be The Heisman’s Presidential Debate
  • Dan Russo

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced in off in a long awaited presidential debate on Monday night that will be a huge determinant for who gets elected in November.

College football will be hosting it’s equivalent to this week’s presidential shouting match at 8 p.m. on Saturday when the two leading Heisman Trophy candidates Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson face off as No. 3 Louisville travels to No. 5 Clemson.

Pro Football Focus had a side-by-side comparison of quarterbacks through Week 4.

Whichever quarterback lifts his team to victory Saturday will presumably take the lead in the Heisman race. Here’s Sports Grid’s case for each candidate so far.

Deshaun Watson’s Case:

Watson was trumped up (pun intended) as the favorite in the preseason to win the Heisman Trophy largely because of the superb performance he put up against Alabama in the national championship game last season. But that Deshaun Watson hasn’t shown up through the first four weeks of the season.

Sure Watson’s 60.0 completion percentage, nine touchdowns and four interceptions have been enough to lift the Tigers to a 4-0 record. But like Trump can’t rely on his factually flimsy one-liners to win the presidency, Watson can’t rely on last year’s success to carry him to the Heisman trophy and Clemson to a national championship.

Prediction: Watson will have his coming out party Saturday in a close game with Louisville and makes the Hesiman race interesting.

Lamar Jackson’s Case:

Jackson has been the most electrifying player in college football posting 25 combined rushing and passing touchdowns in just his first four games. He has 1,330 yards through the air and 526 yards on the ground and his ungodly production doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.

If Election Day and the Heisman ceremony were this week, Clinton would be sitting in the oval office and Jackson would be hoisting the trophy. But just like there’s a long way to go until Nov. 8, there’s plenty more games Jackson has to sustain his meteoric rise over before he’s handed the trophy.

Prediction: It will be tough playing in an atmosphere like Clemson on the road, so Jackson will come back down to Earth a little on Saturday as the Heisman race evens out.

Here’s to hoping Clemson-Louisville isn’t nearly as one-sided as Trump’s failed attempt to “Wrong” his way past a more prepared Clinton.