Cleveland Football Recruit Who Passed On Ohio State: “I’m Not LeBron”

  • Ben Axelrod

In a state where the governor proclaims the Dallas Mavericks “honorary Ohioans” because they defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, it should be no surprise that the word “traitor” is synonymous with the name “LeBron James.”

And so it shouldn’t shock anybody that a high school football recruit from Cleveland used his city’s former King as his analogy of choice when defending his decision to bypass Ohio State in favor of Wisconsin.

Kyle Dodson, a 4-star offensive tackle from Cleveland Heights High School, appeared to be a lock be become a Buckeye, but shocked his homestate last night when he announced that he had chosen to become a Badger.

Despite his decision to leave Ohio for what appear to currently be greener pastures, Dodson offered this message to Buckeye fans when interviewed by

“I hope you understand I made the decision that was best for me and that one day you can welcome me back with open arms, as it is my dream to play for the Browns. I’m not LeBron!”

And for all intents and purposes, Dodson’s right, he’s not LeBron. When LeBron left Cleveland, the Cavaliers weren’t in the midst of one of the most publicized scandals in sports, and the Cavs weren’t facing a potential loss of roster spots and a postseason ban like the Buckeyes currently are. Dodson is simply a kid making a choice to attend a college other than the largest one in his state, not unlike Ohio natives Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson choosing Michigan over OSU.

So unless Wisconsin plays in the BCS National Championship game and DodsonĀ disappearsĀ in the 4th quarter, save the LeBron comparisons for someone else.