An Oregon Football Player Provided The Worst (Or Best?) Answer Ever As To Why His Car Smelled Like Weed

  • Ben Axelrod

It’s already been a rough summer for the Oregon football program. This isn’t going to help things.

A month ago, the Ducks found themselves a part of the revolving lineup of schools who may or may not have done shady things, when Yahoo! Sports came out with a report alleging that Oregon football coach Chip Kelly had committed major violations by covering up his payments to a man named Will Lyles.

Recently, the Ducks got some more good PR. Although this incident can be filed under “college kids being brutally honest in the funniest way possible,” as opposed to “institutions and adults being dishonest in a not-funny way, then throwing college kids under the bus.”

One of Oregon’s star players was busted for driving 118 MPH on the highway back in June, and police footage of the incident has been released. After being pulled over,the player in question proceeded to give the worst and/or best excuse ever for why his car smelled like marijuana.

“We smoked it all.”

That was Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris‘ answer to police when he was asked why his car smelled like pot at 4:30 in the morning.

To make things even more interesting, Ducks starting quarterback Darron Thomas was also in the car. He won’t be punished by Kelly, though, because Chip Kelly doesn’t punish passengers.

Anyway, here was how Cliff Harris dealt with his moment of truth.

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